DOMINA's mission statement:
Domina Pharmaceuticals was established in 1989 as a family business and builds now a modern generic company with over 200 employees and located in Syria / Damascus.
Domina Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to creating and delivering pharmaceuticals based health care solutions at affordable prices which enable people to live longer, healthier and have more active life. Domina Pharmaceuticals specializes in manufacturing central nervous system and psychotic drugs in addition to gastrointestinal, pulmonary and cardiac drugs and others.

Where the firm name comes from:
Julia Domina was a beautiful lady from Emesa, a city in southern Syria and was probably born in the 160s CE.
She met Septimus Severus who became emperor of Rome.
Domina was a Semitic name and means in Latin Language Strength.

Strategy and Policy Standards:
Domina Pharmaceuticals performs at high scientific standards by implementing GMP, ISO9001:2000, ISO 14000, and ISO 18001-99 which holder them, in addition to applying GLP, state of art technology guarantees a very high quality of Domina Pharmaceuticals products.

Our laboratories are seeking to implement ISO 17025 specifications to assure the quality, management and technology system which will control their activities to apply the accurate scientific and analytical basis in Quality Control and In process Control. This implies all phases starting with the method, followed by the sampling, the testing, then the calibration, qualification of instruments and regular internal audits. 

Management Vision:
Being a strong manufacturing company means a continuous development of abilities and capacities according to the markets alterations and the technological progress, in order to achieve a constant expand in the products range.

Domina Pharmaceuticals has a team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are committed to excellence in terms of product quality, productivity, and cost efficiency. This highly qualified and motivated staff enables Domina Pharmaceuticals to ensure the highest manufacturing and quality standards of its products. Being aware of the fact that the company's success depends on teamwork, we are committed to ensure the better and further improvement of our employees.
Serious attention is dedicated to improve the employees' qualifications. All the talents in Domina Pharmaceuticals are joined to improve our performance and skills.

Nevertheless, an integral part of our responsibilities is to assure the safety and protection of all employees by taking all the necessary steps and precautions to prevent accidents and to guarantee the application of the safety rules.




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