Allergy Basics
In fact, the word allergy is derived from the Greek language, from "allon ergon ". It expresses the tendency to react differently, other than normal. The immune system of allergic persons reacts differently to certain substances than the immune system of non-allergic persons. The result is a hypersensitivity to various substances.

Allergic reactions have been described for centuries. Since approximately 1906 the term "allergy" has been used to differentiate between useful and useless reactions of the immune system. Many abnormal reactions occurring in the human body after contact with certain substances which could not be explained before, can now be diagnosed by today's knowledge as allergic reactions. However the number of allergies and allergens is constantly increasing lately.
Allergy can appear in many forms, from dermal like urticaria, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, hay fever, bronchial, up to allergic asthma.
Most of the allergies are caused by pollen from grass, cereals, trees, herbs or weeds. In case of complaints throughout the year, allergens such as mites, animal epithelia or moulds might be responsible.

Treatment of allergies:
Don’t ignore your Allergy, or it may get worse! Treat it!
There are 3 methods for treating allergic diseases:

  1. Treatment with drugs depending on the location, the type and the severity of the discomforts.
  2. Avoidance of allergens, which requires the identification of the responsible allergens .A medical specialist in allergies (Allergologist), can help you diagnose and treat allergic diseases.
  3. Injections. (Hyposensitization): the aim of the injections is to build up an immunologic tolerance for the allergens in order to achieve a lasting prevention of symptoms.

The treatment is especially tailored to the allergens which trigger off the disease and lasts approximately 3 years.

Allergy treatment with Domina Pharmaceuticals:
A Sign of Trust

Hay fever

Dimetindene Maleate 0.025%
Phenylephrine Base    0.25%

Rhinocil (Nasal Gel)

Sodium Chloride 0.9%

Sero-Sol (Nasal Drops)

Asthmatically (as there is a type of asthma caused by allergy)

Aminophylline 175mg

Euphillin (Tablets)

Diprophylline 57mg/5ml

Euphillin (Syrup)


Fexofenadine HCl 120, or 180mg

Feno-Fast (Tablets)

Ketotifen base 1mg/tablet, 1mg/5ml (as fumarate)

Zaditofen (Tablets, Syrup)

Topical Corticosteroids

Mometasone Furoate 0.1%

Motasone (Cream, Ointment, External Solution)

Betamethasone base 0.1% (as valerate)

Betamethason (Cream, Ointment)

Betamethasone base 1mg/ml (as valerate)

Beta-Scalp (Solution)



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