Visconet (Chewable Tablets)

Each chewable tablet contains:

500mg Alginic Acid
170mg Sodium Bicarbonate
100mg Aluminum Hydroxide
25mg Magnesium Trisilicate

VISCONET alleviates the painful conditions resulting from the reflux of gastric acid and bile into the esophagus by suppressing the reflux itself. On ingestion, VISCONET reacts with gastric acid to produce in the stomach a floating viscous gel of near neutral pH, which effectively impedes reflux. In severe cases the gel itself may be refluxed into the esophagus, where it protects the inflamed mucosa, thus allowing healing to take place and preventing further inflammation.

VISCONET is indicated for heartburn including heartburn of pregnancy, dyspepsia associated with gastric reflux, hiatus hernia, reflux oesophagitis, regurgitation.

Children: One chewable tablet will be chewed after meals or at bed time. Children 2-6 years should be given only on medical advice.
Adults: 1-2 chewable tablets will be chewed after meals or at bed time. There is no dosage modification for the elderly. Tablets should be thoroughly chewed. This may be followed by a drink of water.

Aluminum hydroxide containing products should be used with caution in patients with renal dysfunction or hypophosphataemia. The sodium content of a tablet is 47mg (2.04mmol). This is may be of importance when a highly restricted salt diet is required as in some renal and cardiovascular conditions.

There have been no interactions reported when it has been used with other drugs.

Carton pack contains polyethylene bottle of 20 chewable tablets, with leaflet.



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