Dalamycin  (Solution)

For Acne Treatment

Each 1ml Solution contains 11.9mg clindamycin phosphate, equivalent to 10mg clindamycin base.

Mechanism of Action:
Clindamycin phosphate is inactive in vitro. Through in vivo hydrolysis, this compound is converted into antibacterial active clindamycin. It inhibits protein synthesis. The topical application of Dalamycin reduces the ratio of free fatty acids of skin surface.

Dalamycin is an antibiotic. It is effective against gram-positive bacteria, aerobic and anaerobic, especially staphylococcus streptococcus, sphenoidal and bacillus.
Dalamycin is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris.

Apply Dalamycin to the affected area twice daily.

Side Effects:
They rarely occur including: Burning, itching, dryness, erythema, peeling, and dermatitis.

Hypersensitivity against clindamycin.

Drug Interactions:
Products containing keralytic agent should not be used concurrently.

It should be avoided near eye and mucous membranes.

Use in Pregnancy or Lactation:
Dalamycin should only be used during pregnancy and lactation when clearly needed.

There is a cross-resistance between clindamycin and lincomycin.

Absorption and Elimination:
Dalamycin is absorbed in a little quantity (about 4%), when used topically on skin.

Carton pack contains polyethylene bottle of 30ml, with leaflet.




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