Central Nervous System

Clona-Ril (Tablets, Oral Drops)
Dogretole (Tablets)
Dovaken (E.C.Tablets, Oral Drops)
Lamogine (Tablets)
NewGab (F.C.Tablets)

Clozanex (Tablets)
Doperidol (Tablets, Oral Drops)
Olan-Prexa (F.C.Tablets)
Pimozide (Tablets)
Respond (F.C.Tablets)

Hypnotics and Anti-Anxiety
Lexo-Zepam (Tablets)
Lorativan (Tablets)
Mogam (Tablets)
Zolpidem Domina (F.C.Tablets)

Clmi-Franil (F.C.Tablets)
Lostrile (F.C.Tablets)

Drugs Used in Parkinsonism and Related Disorders
Cenimed (Tablets)

Migraine Drugs
Pizofen (Tablets, Syrup)
Rizatripan (Tablets)

Central acting muscle relaxant
Baclotin (Tablets)
Tizanid (Tablets)

Cardiovascular System
Angiotensin-II Receptor Antagonist
Angio-Sart (Tablets)
Dio Sartive (F.C.Tablets)

Beta-Adrenoceptor Blockers
Biso-Bloc (F.C.Tablets)

Diuretic and Angiotensin concertizing Enzyme Inhibitors
Capo-Thiazide (Tablets)

Anti-Platelet Drugs
Aspirin (E.C.Tablets)

Oral hypolipidemic Drugs
Ezetimibe Domina (Tablets)

Oral hypoglycemic Drugs
Low Glucose (Tablets)

Bronchial and Asthmatic Drugs
Bronchodilators and Spasmolytics
Euphillin (Tablets, Syrup)

Mucolytics and Expectorants
Ambroxo Domina (Syrup)
Rhinol (Syrup)

Feno-Fast (F.C.Tablets)
Zaditofin (Tablets, Syrup)

Topical Nasal Decongestant
Rhi-Trivin (Nasal Drops)
Rhinocil (Nasal Gel)
Sero-Sol (Nasal Drops)

Nasal Decongestant and Anti-Tussive
Rhino-Expecto (Syrup)
Gastrointestinal System
Spasmorin (F.C.Tablets)

Visconet (Chewable Tablets)

Lactolac (Syrup)
Sennos (Tablets)

Vermoxine (Tablets, Suspension)

Do-Spertine (Syrup)

Flaginol (Tablets)

Anti-Bacterial Drugs
Linozolid (F.C.Tablets)
Septi Fura (Tablets)
Tava-Floxacin (F.C.Tablets)

Urological Drugs
Cardom (Tablets)

Oral Analgesics
Dolo Codain (Tablets)

Anti-Leprotic Drugs
Dapson (Tablets)

Vitamins and Mineral Supplements
Calcitrat-D (Chewable Tablets)
Muti-Mineral (Chewable Tablets)
Fer-Drops (Oral Drops)
Sterovit (Oral Drops)

Anti-Fungal Drugs
Candi-Mazol (Cream, Solution, Vaginal Cream)
Candi Cort (Cream)
Daktazol (Oral Gel)
Gyno Dactazol (Vaginal Cream)
Hydro Statin (Cream)
Kenazol (Tablets, Cream)

Topical Corticosteroids
All-Derm (Cream)
Betamethason Domina (Cream, Ointment)
Beta-Neomycine (Cream)
Beta-Scalp (Solution)
Beta-Salic (Ointment, Solution)
Beta-Vioform (Cream)
Denti-Cort (Dental Paste)
Domivat (Cream, Ointment)
Motasone (Cream, Ointment, Solution)

Dermal Anti-Bacterial Agents
Dalamycin (Solution, Vaginal Cream)
Erythro-Gel (Gel)
Erythro-Sol (Solution)
Fucedex (Cream, Ointment)
Fucedex Cort (Cream)
Floumizin (Cream)
Metrozol (Gel)

Acne Treatment
Acne Cream
Azelec (Cream)
Ben-Oxide (Gel, Lotion)
Iso Retinoid (Gel)
Retinoid (Cream, Gel, Solution)
Zinc Erythro (Powder for reconstitution)

Dermal Antiviral
Virax (Cream)

Psoriasis Treatment
Psoriol (Ointment, Solution)

Alopecia Treatment and Skin Restoration
Minoxidine (Solution)
Panthenol Domina (Cream, Paste)
Pepantine (Solution)

Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Dolo-Profen (Gel, Cream)
Flu-Profen (F.C.Tablets)

Local Anaesthetic
Lidocain Domina (Gel)

Preparations for Warts and Calluses
Versal, Versal Forte (Solution)

Parasiticides and Scabies Treatment
Do-Di (Shampoo)
Domizyle (Emulsion)

Chloasma and Sun Screening Preparations
Antisolar Cream
Hydroquinon Domina (Cream)
Hydropaque (Cream)
Sun-Less Lotion

Cosmetics and Skin Emollient
Allantoine (Cream)
Day Cream   
Skin Nourishing Cream

Dandruff Therapy
Kenazol (Shampoo)
San Druff (Lotion Suspension)

La Belle Products...New Dermatological Care Line
La Belle
Dan Zinc (Shampoo)
Uhydro (Cream, Lotion)
White Cream







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