About us

Domina Pharmaceuticals was established in 1989. From the beginning, it has sought to produce high-quality products with international standards that conform to good manufacturing practices (GMP), with the motto a high-quality medicine at the most appropriate price.

Domina Pharmaceuticals, that has more than 200 employees and located in Syria / Damascus, specializes in manufacturing dermal, central nervous system and psychotic drugs in addition to gastrointestinal, pulmonary and cardiac drugs and others.

Domina was a Semitic name and means in Latin Language Strength, the name of Domina comes from Julia Domina and she was a beautiful lady from Emesa, a city in southern Syria and was probably born in the 160s CE, she met Septimus Severus who became emperor of Rome. 

Mangagement of our company always look forward the best:

- Being a strong manufacturing company means a continuous development of abilities and capacities according to the markets alterations

- The technological progress, in order to achieve a constant expand in the products range and serve customers in the most appropriate manner.....


Domina Pharmaceuticals
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