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DOMINA's mission statement:
Domina Pharmaceuticals was established in 1989. From the beginning, it has sought to produce high-quality products with international standards that conform to good manufacturing practices (GMP), with the motto a high-quality medicine at the most appropriate price.

Domina Pharmaceuticals, that has more than 200 employees and located in Syria / Damascus, specializes in manufacturing dermal, central nervous system and psychotic drugs in addition to gastrointestinal, pulmonary and cardiac drugs and others.

The name of Domina comes from Julia Domina and she was a beautiful lady from Emesa, a city in southern Syria and was probably born in the 160s CE. 
She met Septimus Severus who became emperor of Rome. 
Domina was a Semitic name and means in Latin Language Strength.


Domina Pharmaceuticals
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