Treatment of Migraine with Domina Pharmaceuticals

Acute migraine attack therapy

  Rizatripan 5–10 (Tablets)  

  Rizatriptan 5, or 10mg (as benzoate)

Prophylaxis of migraine

  Pizofen (Tablets–Syrup)

  Pizotifen Base 0.5mg/tablet, 0.5mg/10ml (as malate)

Antiemetic drug

  Do-Spertine (Syrup)

  5mg Metoclopramide HCl.



Migraine:   More than just headache 

Migraine is an intense, throbbing headache. The intensity of pain and the symptoms are more than a common headache and often include nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound.
Some sufferers may have an "aura", this describes visual symptoms before getting the migraine attack, such as flashing lights or wavy lines. 
Importantly, migraine usually affects your ability of daily functions.
Tell your doctor about your symptoms. Your doctor will decide if you have migraine.

The common triggers of a migraine attack and its duration.
Common described triggers are:

  • Stress.
  • Hormonal changes in women (menstruation).
  • Certain foods or beverages, such as caffeine, cheese, chocolate, citrus fruit and alcohol.
  • Change in a behavior, such as diets, under/oversleeping or meal times.

Considering those triggers you may be able to reduce and diminish or even prevent migraine attacks by watching and understanding what specifically triggers your attacks. To make this easier for you, we have prepared a headache diary for you.
Keeping this headache diary with you and using it, may help you identify and monitor the possible migraine triggers you encounter. Migraine symptoms can vary from attack to attack and person to person. Therefore this diary is also a useful device for your doctor to prescribe or modify your treatment and lifestyle appropriately.  
Migraine attacks typically last for hours and rarely for more than one day, and they might return frequently. The severity and frequency may vary.    
Keep a Migraine diary! It's an important tool for your treatment!
It helps your doctor understand your condition, and if you have already started your medication, estimate how well it is working.

Download the Migraine Diary in PDF Format (1 MB).

Treatment of Migraine 
Only your healthcare professional can determine which medicine is right for you.
There is the possibility of treating the acute migraine attack and the possibility of having a migraine prophylaxis treatment.
The prophylaxis treatment is recommended by more than 3 migraine attacks per month, attack durations of more than 48 hours, complicated migraine or incompatibility of the acute therapy.
Possible acute therapies of migraine attacks are by combining several substances for treating the pain in addition to an indicated medication of anti-emetics.







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