Treatment of hereditary hair loss with Domina Pharmaceuticals:


Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to accept hair loss. 
Minoxidine 2-5 Solution:  2 or 5% minoxidil.
Minoxidine is easy to use. It works by increasing the blood supply to the hair follicle, helping to strengthen existing hair and stimulate secondary hair growth. 
Minoxidine for men (Minoxidil 5%) has been proven to help prevent further hair loss for 4 out of 5 men.
Minoxidine for women (Minoxidil 2%) is proven to help prevent further hair loss for 4 out of 5 women. It helped re-growing some hair for 3 out of 5 women within 32 weeks. 

Pepantine Solution: 5% Dexpanthenol.

Alopecia: Looking forward for thicker hair
It can be a distressing time when hair thins unexpectedly. Things may be a little easier if you know why it is happening.

Causes of hair loss: 
The most common cause of hair loss in men and women is hereditary hair loss. This affects specially men (about 40% of men under 35 years). Heritance, hormones and age all play their part. The reason our hair falls off is because the follicles shrink.  Other reasons include bad diets, stress, shocks (even happy shocks) or medical disorders. If the reason is avoidable, then it's fine.

The most common case, characterized by hereditary hair loss, also called androgenetic alopecia, is treatable.
Hereditary hair loss is easy to identify because it has a classic set of symptoms: 
In men: the hairline starts to recede at the brow and temples. Then the hair becomes thinner and lighter on the crown, while the sides and back stay pretty much intact. 

In women: the hair starts to thin. Over 1 in 4 women experience thinning hair. 

  • Blow drying doesn’t cause hair loss as much it results with dry, burned and damaged hair that may then fall off.
  • Many hair treatments, such as bleaching and coloring, can be hard on the hair and may cause the hair to break off near the scalp, but no treatments will cause hereditary hair loss.
  • Washing hair too often has no effect, positive or negative, on hereditary hair loss. Use a mild shampoo specially formulated to care for thinning hair.    

Normal and abnormal hair loss: 
On average, the adult head has 100.000 individual strands of hair and most people will shed between 40 and 100 of these per day. The reason for this is that hair growth follows a cycle. Hair growth cycle features 3 phases in which old hairs must be released to free the way for the lovely new ones.
When you are losing more hairs than you are being replaced, it is abnormal hair loss.  At this time, you may see more of your scalp than you are used to, or you might notice more hair than normal clogging up the plughole.



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