Fungal Infections

Fungal Infections

Treatment of Fungal Infections with Domina Pharmaceuticals:


  200mg Ketoconazole 

  Kenazol (Tablets)

  2% Ketoconazole

  Kenazol (Shampoo) 

  2% Ketoconazole

  Kenazol (Cream)

  1% Clotrimazole

  Candi Mazol (Cream – Solution) 

 100 000 Unit/g Nystatin 
  0.5% Hydrocortisone Acetate

  Hydro Statin (Cream)

  Clotrimazole 1% 
  Betamethasone Base 0.05% as dipropionate

  Candi Cort (Cream)

  2% Miconazole Base

  Daktazol (Oral Gel) 

  2% Clotrimazole

  Candi Mazol (Vaginal Cream)

  2% Miconazole Nitrate

  Gyno Dactazol (Vaginal cream)


Fungal Infections:

Infections are not particularly dangerous, but very unpleasant. Fungi are persistent and need to be treated quickly. Typical symptoms are redness, scaling, itching, white areas, burning sensations and formation of blisters.
The skin, with a surface area of 1, 2 to 5 square meters, is our biggest organ. Our skin forms a mechanical and chemical protective wall against exterior influences. It is a part of the immune system and controls our thermoregulation. So look after your skin! 
Causes and risk factors: 
Healthy skin is the best protection against fungal infections. Smooth skin with good blood circulation impedes the setting of pathogenic agents. 
Patients with immune suppressive diseases such as diabetes mellitus, AIDS or other immune diseases are more endangered to get fungal infections than healthy people.
Some fungi are already at home on our skin without being noticed. They are harmless and only multiply in an uncontrolled manner, when they are offered the right preconditions. Prevention this case means not providing these conditions.
A significant kind of fungal infections is the athlete's foot.

This is a very common skin condition. It is a fungal infection that can grow and multiply on human skin, especially the feet. It grows best in dark, moist and warm environment. A foot inside a shoe is therefore the perfect place for the fungus. 
Sweaty feet, tight shoes or socks, snot drying one's feet well after washing them, bathing or exercising all contribute to the development of athlete's foot.
Athlete's foot may always have the same appearance.  It varies between toes peels, cracks and scales .There may be dryness on the soles and along the sides of the feet. 

Prevent athlete's foot!

  1. Wash your feet daily.
  2. Dry your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes, after bathing or washing.
  3. Wear cotton running socks which absorb sweat and change more frequently if they become damp.
  4. Avoid tight footwear, especially in the summer.

Treatment of fungal infections: 
Adhering to overall standards of hygiene and removing risk factors are not only the key to prevention, but also to treatment .Fungi are persistent and are like to return. Even if a strict treatment leads to quick success in the short term, long term success can only be achieved through active prevention. 
Apart from raising the state of well-being, regular physical exercise generally enhances the blood flow within the skin layers.
In many cases, there is no problem in successfully treating fungal infections of the skin with a local antifungal. The unpleasant symptoms accompanying a fungal infection, such as itching and burning sensations, will already disappear within a few days. The antifungal should be applied not only until a weakening of symptoms sets in, but until the infection has been healed completely! Therefore, treatment should normally be continued for roughly 2 weeks past the stage where all symptoms have disappeared. In cases of vaginal infections, the doctor has to tell you about the duration of your treatment.
In some persistent cases, in which a local therapy didn’t work for several times, a systematic treatment may be prescribed by your doctor. 
For systematic fungi, there is only the possibility of systematic treatment.





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