Each 100ml Solution contains 2 or 5g minoxidil.


Minoxidine is a topical solution, which is effective in alopecia and hair loss.

Experiences give acceptable percentage of hair re-growth in the treatment of alopecia, and a high percentage of unthick hair re-growth. The response was better when the patients use Minoxidine directly after hair loss. It may be required long period before hair re-growth can be observed (twice daily for over 4 months). Patient will need to continue using Minoxidine to maintain hair growth.


Minoxidine is for external use only.

Remove the metal cap of bottle and put the sprayer tightly. Then remove the cover and press sprayer 4 times to apply a complete dose of 1ml.

One ml dose of Minoxidine should be applied to total affected area of the scalp twice daily. At first Minoxidine must be applied in the center of bald area. The total daily dosage should not exceed 2ml. Hair and scalp should be dry before application of Minoxidine. Hair drier should not be used because it reduces the effectiveness of Minoxidine. If fingertips are used to facilitate drug application, hands should be washed afterwards.

Minoxidine is used by the same way in the treatment of alopecia areata till hair re-growth occurred, then it might be reduced gradually.


It should not be used in patients with hypertensive.

Undesirable effects:

It may cause itching, other skin irritations to the requirement area of the scalp and rarely skin hypersensitivity.


If Minoxidine gets into the eye, sensitive skin or mucous membrane areas, wash it with large amount of water.


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