Each 1ml solution contains 20mg Sodium Cromoglicate  

Preservative: Benzalkonium chloride

Pharmacodynamic Properties: 

the solution exerts its effect  locally in the eyes . sodium cromoglicate has been shown to inhibt the degranulation of sessitied mast cells occuring after exposure to specific antigens .sodium cromoglicate inhibts releasw of histamine and various membranederived mediators from mast cells .sodium cromoglicate has no intrinsic antihistaminic or vasoconstrictor activity

Pharmacokenitic Properities :

limited systemic absorption may be expected via ocular instillation . approximately 0.03% of sodium cromoglicate is absorbed following ocular administration 


indicated for the relief and treatment of seasonal and perennial allergic conjunctivitis 


known hypersensitivity to sodium cromoglicate 

Special warning and precautions:

This solution is sterile , preservative free and presented in a single use container , which should be discarded after use .

Effects on ability to drive and use machines : 

as with all eye drobs,transient blurring of vision may occur on instillation . do not drive or operate machinery until normal vision is restored 

Pregnancy & lactation : 

Pregnancy : 

it should be used with caution in pregnancy , especially during the first trimester . it should ony be used in pregnancy where there is a clinical need 


it is not known whether sodium cromoglicateis excreted in breast milk ; however , on the basic of its physic chemical  properties , it is considered unlikley. 

Side effects: 

on instillation , transient stinging or buring may occur .Rarely , other symptoms of local irritation have been reported . 

Dosage and administration : 

For topical opthalmic use .

adults, children and the elderly : one or two drop into each eye 4 times per day or as directed by the doctor. 


if the solution is accidentally ingested , as sodium cromoglicate is only poorly absorbed , no action other than medical supervision should be necessary .










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