Ambroxo Domina

Ambroxo Domina

Each 5ml Syrup contains 15mg Ambroxol Hydrochloride.

Mecanism of action:
Ambroxo Domina is used as secretolytic treatment of acute and chronic inflammation in the bronchial mucous membrane, bronchial asthma and disorders in the mucus elimination.
Ambroxo Domina is a mucolytic in influenza infection and other respiratory tract disease.
The mucosa of nose or bronchus reacts on invasion of pathogenic agents as virus or bacteria by exudation of high liquid amounts in order to rinse the microbes away.
Often this mucus cannot be eliminated fast enough and assembles,with the additional lack of ventilation, ideal conditions for bacterial growth and increase are the result.
Ambroxo Domina is a secretolytic, it liquefies the mucus and simplifies its transport. So by this action Ambroxo Domina prevents inflammation and relieves cough attack.

Diseases of respiratory tract accompanied by viscous mucus.

Children up to 2 years: 2.5ml twice daily (equivalent to 15mg Ambroxol  HCl/day).
Children 2– 5 years: 2.5ml three times daily (equivalent to 22.5mg Ambroxol  HCl/day).
Children 6– 12 years: 5ml 2- 3 times daily (equivalent to 30– 45mg Ambroxol HCl/day).
Adults: 10ml 3 times daily during 2- 3 first days (equivalent to 90mg Ambroxol HCl/ day), then 10ml twice daily (equivalent to 60mg Ambroxol HCl/day).
By using mucus dissolving drugs, it is always necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid (minimum 1.5– 2 liter per day) so that secretion can be liquefied. As well the inhalation of water steam can liquefy the mucus.
To be taken preferably after meals.

Side effects:
In rare cases gastrointestinal disturbances.

Hypersensitivity to Ambroxol or one of the drug ingredients, severe renal diseases.

Drug interactions:
Ambroxol should not be used with medicines that depress cough, to allow mucus to be coughed.

Use in pregnancy or lactation:
It's not recommended to take Ambroxol during pregnancy and lactation unless your physician considers it as necessary.


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