Gyno Dactazol

Gyno Dactazol


Each 100g Vaginal Cream contains 2g Miconazole Nitrate.


Gyno Dactazol is a broad spectrum antifungal. It has activity against common pathogenic fungi (including yeasts and dermatophytes) and certain gram-positive bacteria (staphylococcus and streptococcus).

Gyno Dactazol is for the local treatment of vulvo–vaginal candidosis and superinfections due to susceptible gram-positive bacteria.


Administer the content of one applicator (about 5g of vaginal cream) once daily deeply into vagina for 10-14 days, or twice daily for 7 days.

For vulvitis: Apply Gyno Dactazol topically twice daily.

Continue the course of treatment even after symptoms (pruritus and leukorrhoea) have disappeared or menstruation begins.

It may be used in recurrent vulvo- vaginal candidiasis as seen in diabetic patients and in women using oral contraceptives.

Side effects:

Adverse reactions are rare and are mild in most cases.

Occasionally, local irritation has been reported, pruritus and burning sensation, especially at the start of treatment. Rarely, local sensitization may occur requiring discontinue of treatment.


Hypersensitivity to miconazole or another ingredient of the product.

Drug Interactions:

Contact should be avoided between certain latex products, such as contraceptive diaphragms or condoms, and the product since the rubber may be damaged by this preparation.

Use in Pregnancy:

It should be used in pregnant women only if in the judgment of the physician the potential benefits outweigh the possible risks.



  1. Open Gyno Dactazol Vaginal Cream (C) and screw it into the applicator (B).

  2. Squeeze Gyno Dactazol Vaginal Cream (C) until plunger (A) stops; so the applicator (B) is full of a complete dosage of Gyno Dactazol Vaginal Cream.

  3. Carefully insert the applicator containing the cream as deep as possible into the vagina. This is best achived when lying on your back.

  4. Carefully push plunger (A) until it stops. This places the cream in the vagina. Remove the applicator from the vagina.

  5. After use, remove plunger (A) completely by pulling it out of the applicator (B). Then wash it in warm (not boiling) water, rinse and dry carefully.


Pregnant women should strictly follow the instructions of their physicians.


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