Vita Panthenol

Vita Panthenol


Honey extract,  Aloe Vera,  Jojoba oil,  Dexpanthenol, 

Emulsifiers and Preservatives

What are the properties of Vita Panthenol Cream?

Aloe Vera leaf juice: provides soothing moisture. Aloe Vera can be used as an effective skin toner and anti-burn remedy.

Honey extract: is a gentle moisturizer for face and body; it's particularly suitable for dry, aged, wrinkled skin. It moisturizes skin day and night, suitable for face and body and is beneficial after sun.

Dexpanthenol: has healing and regenerating properties.

Jojoba oil: prevents the skin from drying and keeps it hydrated.

Jojoba oil is very close to natural component of skin and has high ability to penetrate to deep skin layers.

Vita Panthenol Cream enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients has following functions:

  •  Stimulates cell renewal.
  •  Detoxifying skin by neutralising harmful effects of free radicals, thus preventing premature ageing.
  •  Improves the texture of the skin.
  •  Anti-septic properties.
  •  Nourishes and hydrates the skin, thus increasing its elasticity.

How to use Vita Panthenol Cream?

Apply Vita Panthenol once or twice daily. It can be applied in the morning as well as during night and is suitable for all skin types. Preferably apply Vita Panthenol all over the face and neck.


Carton pack contains aluminum tube of 30 g , with leaflet. 


Store below 30C



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