Panthenol Domina

Panthenol Domina


Each 100g Panthenol Domina Cream contains 5g dexpanthenol.


Dexpanthenol is the alcohol-corresponding form of pantothenic acid (Vit B5). Dexpanthenol in alcoholic form is more rapidly absorbed than pantothenic acid by the epithelium. Pantothenic acid promotes the acetylcholine, and hence it secondarily improves the supply by producing peripheral vasodilatation.


In cases of:

  • Burns.
  • Treatment of wounds scars and as a dressing after operations to enhance healing.
  • To prevent and treat nipple and skin fissures in both pregnant and lactation woman.
  • Treatment of anal fissures.
  • Treatment of chronic skin ulceration.
  • Treatment and prevent UV irritation and sun burns.
  • Nourishing cream after make-up removal, as dexpanthenol is a pro-vit B5.


Apply Panthenol Domina Cream to the affected area twice daily.

For fissured nipples apply Panthenol Domina Cream directly after each feed in case of lactating mothers.


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