Panthenol Domina

Panthenol Domina


Each 100g Panthenol Domina Paste contains 5g panthenol

Properties of Panthenol Domina Paste:

Panthenol Domina Paste is an effective aid thanks to its actions:

  • Regenerates: contains Panthenol at 5% which favors the natural regeneration process of the skin.
  • Protects: takes care of dry, cracked and easily irritated skin, protecting it from dehydration.
  • Forms a transparent protective layer that allows the skin to breathe, its formulation is moisturizingand emollient


Panthenol Domina Paste is used to care for irritated and dry skin,

It can be used atevery nappy change to take care of even the most sensitive skin, including those of premature babies

Method of application:

  • Apply several times a day, as needed.
  • After having thoroughly washed the affected areas,spread a thin layer of Panthenol Domina paste evenly with a light massage.
  • In case of redness of the bottom, it is recommended to use Panthenol Domina paste at each diaper chan.


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.



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