Panthenol Domina

Panthenol Domina


Each 100g Panthenol Domina Paste contains:

5g dexpanthenol and 14g zinc oxide.


Dexpanthenol is the alcohol-corresponding form to pantothenic acid. Dexpanthenol in alcoholic form is more rapidly absorbed than pantothenic acid by the epithelium.

Pantothenic acid promotes the acetylcholine, and hence it secondarily improves supply by producing peripheral vasodilatation.

It is considered to have an important role in the formation and normal processing (especially degradation) of fatty acids and pyruvic acid.


Panthenol Domina Paste is used in cases of:

  • Treatment of different types of baby's rash (napkin rash).
  • Fissured nipples.
  • Fissured hand and foot.
  • In the protection and treatment of dermatitis caused by ultraviolet rays and sunrays, due to zinc oxide which reflects sunrays.
  • In the treatment of skin ulcers including: Decubitus ulcers, hemorrhoids and cervical erosions.
  • Panthenol Domina Paste, which contains 14% Zinc Oxide, Promotes healing of chronic eczema, psoriasis, lichen simplex in addition to special medication.


Panthenol Domina Paste is applied to the treated area twice daily.


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