Each 100g Pepantine solution contains 5g Dexpanthenol.


Dexpanthenol is the alcohol corresponding form of Pantothenic Acid (Vit.B5). The alcoholic form has been used because it is more rapidly absorbed by the epithelium cells. Pantothenic acid participates in acetylcholine cycle and hence it helps in peripheral vasodilatation and improves peripheral blood circulation. In addition it has a role in the formation and degradation of fatty acids.


Pepantine solution is indicated for:

• Treatment of hair growth disorders and alopecia, because it improves the peripheral blood circulation.

• Treatment of mouth and gum infections and teeth evulsion wounds.

• Treatment of ulcers and wounds.

• Treatment of burns and after operation of skin culture.

• Treatment of skin ulcers including: Decubitus ulcers, hemorrhoids and cervical erosions.

• Protection and treatment of dermatitis caused by ultraviolet rays and sunrays.

• Protection and treatment of abdomen and nipple fissures in pregnant and lactating mothers.


In cases of hair loss: About two small spoons of Pepantine solution must be applied and rubbed into the affected area.

Pepantine solution must be left on the scalp for at least 20 minutes.

In cases of mouth and gum infections: The gum must be massaged with Pepantine solution.

In cases of wounds and sun burns: Pepantine solution must be applied to the affected area. It is recommended to apply Pepantine solution before Radiotherapy.

In cases of wounds cleaning and wet dressing: Pepantine solution is diluted with an equal amount of sterile water.


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