Each tablet contains 0.5, 1, or 2mg Clonazepam.


CLONA-RIL is used in all clinical forms of epileptic disease and seizures in infants, children and adults, especially petit mal or grand mal.

Clona-ril is used in people with MS to relieve shock-like pain, such as the facial pain caused by trigeminal neuralgia and pain associated with spasticity and spasms. Clona-ril decreases the nerve impulses from the brain that cause seizures and pain.

Clona-ril will help control the symptoms of MS but will not cure the disease. It may take some weeks until patients feel the full benefit of Clona-ril.

The usual analgesics are usually not enough to ease the pain from nerve damage in the central nervous system, so drugs that treat seizures (such as Carbamazepine) and some benzodiazepines (such as Clonazepam) are commonly first choices for pain management.


The dosage of CLONA-RIL must be adjusted to the needs of each individual and depends on the individual response to therapy.

Treatment should be started with low doses. The dose may be increased progressively until the maintenance dose suited to the individual patient has been found. The total dose may be given at night for the first four days of treatment.


Initial Dose

Maintenance Dose


Not exceed 0.25mg daily or 0.1ml

0.5 – 1mg daily or 0.2 – 0.4ml

Children 1 – 5 years

Not exceed 0.25mg daily or 0.1ml

1 – 3mg daily or 0.4 – 1.2ml

Children 5 – 12 years

Not exceed 0.5mg daily or 0.2ml

3 – 6mg daily or 1.2 – 2.4ml


Not exceed 1mg daily

4 – 8mg daily


Not exceed 0.5mg daily


The daily dosages, which are mentioned above should be divided into 3–4 doses. If necessary, larger doses may be given as instructed by physician.

Note that the elderly are particularly sensitive to effects of central depressant drugs and may experience confusion.

As with all other antiepileptic drugs, treatment with drug, even of short duration, must not be abruptly interrupted, but must be withdrawn by gradually reducing the dose.


Fatigue, somnolence, and occasional muscular hypotonia. Such effects are usually transitory and disappear spontaneously as treatment continues or with dosage reduction.


Sensitivity to benzodiazepines, acute pulmonary insufficiency, respiratory depression.


When CLONA-RIL is used in conjunction with antiepileptic drug, side effects and toxicity may be more evident particularly with hydantoins or phenobarbitone. Known inhibitors of hepatic enzymes such as cimetidine, reduce the clearance of benzodiazepines and may potentiate their action. Known inducers of hepatic enzymes such as rifampicin, may increase the clearance of benzodiazepines.


• Dosage should be reduced in patients with chronic pulmonary insufficiency, or with impairment of renal or hepatic function, and elderly.

• Since alcohol can provoke epileptic seizures, patients should be advised not to drink alcohol during treatment.

• Patients should be warned of the possible hazard of driving or operating machinery.

• Prolonged administration of drug may cause habituation.


The use of drug during pregnancy or lactation should be avoided unless there are compelling reasons.


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